The Wedding Floral Designer


      A touch of class and creativity for your wedding

      Wedding Floral Designer. We hear about it more and more often from various media or blogs, but let’s see exactly what it deals with.

      A wedding floral designer is a professional with strong personal skills and attention to the needs of the couple. It is able to combine a very broad vision on the possibilities of processing flowers, with the artistic evaluation of the environment in which the compositions will be inserted.

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      He is therefore always attentive to the various trends in fashion and aesthetics, and is very skilled in the techniques of processing flowers to create even large floral sets, taking advantage of complementary materials to enrich those that are true works of art.

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      Like every detail of the wedding, even the choice of floral arrangements must be carefully treated, entrusting it to a professional. The choice of the most suitable bouquet, the flagship of the witnesses, the scenography of the church or the decorations of the tables. All things that must be chosen with particular care, and that will be the choreography that will accompany you throughout the day.
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      The floral element takes on an increasingly important aspect in setting up environments for events that affect our lives. Not only weddings, but also decoration of work environments, window dressing, fashion shows or private ceremonies, which we want to make more welcoming with a touch of style.

      But above all, I recommend, do not ever call it a florist! 😀

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