Thank you for your beautiful words

      Some kind words from people who dedicated me a thought.
      Many thanks to all


      Passion for the weddings

      mosè franchi direttore di ImageMag per Canon Italia

      The photos? Beautiful, perhaps even more: meaningful, we could say.
      In them there is everything you need: smiles, party, poses, beauty, moment; but also that instant that floats,
      stopping, then coming to completion in the rhythm of memory, of the coming thought.
      It is a revival of tomorrow, Francesco’s photography; so strong that maybe even he can not explain it.
      It represents a fist of flour thrown against the light: part falls immediately, the rest remains there; made to pass us in the middle.
      If history is us, it is nice to come back to ours.
      Those spouses, those of Francesco, can often do it.
      They will pass in the middle of that flour that still floats and which is called emotion.
      The rest will be life, blunted in the corners as only time can do.

      Mosè Franchi, Director of ImageMag for Canon Italia

      Thank you so much

      matrimonio a corte cola con ombrello e la pioggia - wedding in the rain

      Thank you so much Francesco for the beautiful words you have dedicated to us .. we have a very high esteem for you and we have already chosen to see you at work at Annalisa’s wedding .. you are a great professional and your added value is your big heart and your sensitivity .. so thank you again for all you have done for us ..

      Isabella and Mattia
      29 October 2018

      Outstanding Photographer

      There are not enough words to describe what has been an impeccable photographer for us but also and above all a new friend … He has endured and supported us, he has never been intrusive with us or with the guests … He is a photographer exceptional, can capture with a photo all the essence of that day … Every detail … I was fascinated by his photos before choosing him, I had no doubt and we are happy with the choice made … He is super recommend … He is without any doubt the top.

      Chiara and Giovanni
      15 June 2018

      High quality!

      High quality at 360º! From the prenuptial service, to the days before the wedding, and throughout the day on your wedding day! Francesco puts you at ease and collects in his shots every detail of the day! Spectacular and never predictable, exciting photographs! Highly recommended!

      Francesca and Danilo
      13 June 2018

      We have beautiful memories of our wedding day!

      I was looking for a photographer for our wedding day.
      After meeting some of them, I looked on the internet, and I found Francesco.
      I only needed to see a few photos, to understand that he was the right one, for our most important day. Francesco as well as being super professional, is very nice and a little crazy (in the good sense!).
      With his camera, he is able to catch every moment to make sure that it remains a beautiful memory …..
      We highly recommend it …
      Thanks from Nicoletta and Matteo

      Maggi Nicoletta
      23 August 2017

      Our photographer!

      matrimonio corte peron marmirolo lancio del riso

      The best ever!
      Very sensitive person who knows how to find beauty even in the smallest details
      It made every single moment magical.
      Super recommended!

      Sonia e Stefano
      23 September 2016

      Our family photographer!

      He is now my trusted photographer … always impeccable; He does his job with passion and seriousness and the final result is always a masterpiece.

      Gloria, Alessandro, Vittoria e Matilde
      29 August 2016

      a great …

      What about Francesco … a great !!!! We spent a wonderful day thanks to him … I was very intimidated by the camera and instead he managed to put me at ease … We just have to say him thank you …

      Roberto e Emanuela
      23 June 2016

      a poet

      matrimonio villa valenca lancio del riso

      Francesco Bonarrigo: a poet who looks for beauty everywhere, sees it and shows it to us with his shots that capture the essential in naturalness and are good for the soul. Congratulations to Annalisa and Marco for the choice and to Francesco for their professionalism and sensitivity.

      Luciana Andreoli
      24 December 2015

      Annalisa and Marco’s wedding

      The emotion that day was skyrocketing. The sun was shining, after a nocturnal downpour, and the newlyweds were beautiful and radiant more than ever! After a pleasant ceremony … that the party begins … and you appeared … I initially thought you were an invited instead. … Silent, albeit but very attentive and with unforgettable braces, you have become not only the photographer of the couple, but also ours! We have immortalized you in our every selfie … you have become one of us with extreme simplicity. We had so much fun, you made us feel at ease and this is by no means all! What about …. a great great professional !! Congratulations to the bride and groom for the excellent choice and your impeccable professionalism!

      4 December 2015

      One of a kind!

      What to say about Francesco, I was the wedding witness for a dear friend, he was able to reassure me and put me at ease despite not being the wife! A professional who has immortalized magical moments of a fantastic and unrepeatable day for me but especially for the married couple! But also a very nice and easy-going person! One of a kind!

      4 December 2015

      An artist

      I had the pleasure of seeing Francesco at work at the wedding of Annalisa and Marco and although I did not know him, I immediately realized that he was a professional in love with his work, in every shot he immortalized every feeling, creating an indelible memory! In my opinion he is a true Artist …

      4 December 2015

      An unforgettable day!

      matrimonio villa valenca foto di coppia

      Fantasy, passion, creativity. .. braces and hooks that hold up your cameras, cornetto brings luck and bow tie … I still see you lying on the ground, hidden in the bushes, mingled with friends. .. you are like that. .. a little crazy and unpredictable with always some ace up his sleeve! But it is precisely for all this that you are a photographer and a very special person, unique! You have entered the heart of many people with your sympathy and skill! And I’m so proud of having you by our side on our wedding day! Your photos will be a very special memory of that day. .. of small works of art! With so much esteem and affection! !!

      Annalisa e Marco
      30 October 2015

      You may never be able to get rid of us!

      matrimonio ai sabidi foto di coppia wedding photo

      Excellent photographer and fantastic person! Thank you for making our day even more special!

      Cristina e Matteo
      8 June 2015

      Not just a professional, but also a friend

      matrimonio convento dell'annunciata foto di coppia

      We give full marks to Francesco Bonarrigo!
      From the first meeting, a unique synergy was born and the wedding day was incredible! The person who will always be at your side, from the preparation to the cutting of the cake, is the photographer and I was lucky enough to have Francesco close.
      Professionalism at the top, we had fun to die with him: no plastic poses, but only beautiful moments!

      Gloria e Francesco
      9 September 2014

      We really enjoyed

      He is a very professional photographer. Bravo but at the same time fun.
      Getting photographed was really pleasant and not at all heavy. All in a natural way and the album was really a surprise. Very beautifull. I highly recommend it.

      Claudia e Gabriele
      7 April 2014

      Two friends, always present

      Francesco and Danilo were very good have understood what we wanted on the fly (no photos posing) and were present from the time of makeup until late evening. They gathered today emotion and moment while remaining discrete and not intrusive, they became friends, super recommended!

      Elena e Stefano
      25 March 2014

      A lot, a lot of passion

      matrimonio a villa fenaroli foto di coppia parco nocivelli

      We have “met” Francesco through the internet and initially we were a little hesitant … more than anything else there was the fear of taking the so-called “bin” and instead I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised by his professionalism and availability. He managed to capture unique moments of the most beautiful day of our lives and the result was also very appreciated by relatives and friends. One of the things we liked most was the presence throughout the day, from preparations to dancing in the evening, and the fact that he photographed us in a natural way without posing (which we personally do not like).
      Result a beautiful album, all taken on CD, with the ability to then print what you want, and especially any promise kept. What he had told us was then respected. I would definitely recommend Francesco to the bride and groom because he is a very good professional who loves his job.

      Daniela e Diego
      20 December 2013

      Very happy!

      matrimonio corte cola foto di coppia

      Very happy to have chosen Francesco and his staff for our wedding. We wanted a reportage type photo shoot and so it was. Francesco has respected our requests and has immortalized every significant moment and not, without neglecting the details, and without removing our attention and our time to relatives and friends. Present in every moment of that beautiful day. Wonderful photos, the result of a job performed by a professional in the best way.

      Marina e Mauro
      18 December 2013

      He became a friend

      On the most important and special day of our lives, we had the good luck that Francesco Bonarrigo, with his professionalism and skill, gathered the moments and the most emotional moments of our wedding. Inside the album that made us will remain forever clear and alive our memories. We sincerely thank Francesco for his excellent work. Roberto and Lara.

      Lara e Roberto
      23 September 2012

      Happy to have met him

      We thank all the staff for making sure that the most beautiful and exciting day of life has passed with serenity and tranquility transmitted to us all by you.
      The photographer Francesco Bonarrigo and his staff are fun and well-educated people who can do their job well …
      Our photographic service could not be more beautiful and original, has immortalized all the various moments making them alive in time forever.
      We are delighted to have had him as a photographer and we recommend it to all future spouses.

      Elisa e Marcello
      14 September 2012

      Discreet and competent

      We were very happy that on such a special day as ours
      Marriage by our side to capture the most significant moments, and even those less, there was Francesco!
      Person immensely discreet and competent in his work !!! We were really satisfied we could not make better choice !!! Even our family were pleasantly impressed by the professionalism !!! Above all, Francesco was very quick to prepare the album, something almost rare to try !!! Mostly Francesco will be hired to photograph our baby, more than satisfied !!! Thanks so much!

      14 September 2012

      No poses, but many emotions

      For our wedding we wanted a reportage style photo shoot (no photos posing or similar). I must say that we did not even notice the presence of photographers, they were almost “invisible”, but the result was excellent. Many people have complimented us looking at the photos, have managed to catch even small nuances and the image quality is definitely good. Beyond that, Francesco followed us very cordially both before and after the wedding day, with an always proactive and cordial attitude.

      Gloria e Alessandro
      13 September 2012
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