The photo shoot without posing


      One of the first topics of which I speak more often with the spouses when we meet, is that they do not like the photos in pose. They feel uncomfortable in front of the lens, then stiffen up by taking unnatural expressions. That’s why they say they do not look good in pictures.

      I state that anyone is fine in the picture, as long as you take special care during the photo session. First of all, we need to relax.

      To help couples to relax, I always propose to take a photo shoot before the wedding, in order to become familiar with the goal.

      Browsing photos of couples in love on the internet or in magazines, they always seem very natural, almost as if the photographer had taken them secretly, without their knowledge. This leads us to think that even a wedding photographer who has embraced reportage photography, manages to capture intimate and personal moments simply because they happen.

      Mind you, it’s partly true. A good professional is always present in the right place at the right time, to be able to resume all the moments and situations that occur throughout the day.

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      But I think that a couple would not leave the guests joyfully in the middle of the reception, to withdraw and remain alone to exchange some tenderness. Nor, from my experience, especially friends, would they give him respite.

      The photographer will be present during the preparations, with the sister who helps to put the veil, or the father who collaborates in the preparation of that tie knot apparently so difficult. The party with friends, who animate the white table. The intense and exciting moments of the ceremony, up to the celebrations at the reception, which end with the final dances.

      But what do all these moments have in common? The spouses will hardly be close, and absolutely never alone!

      If a photographer guarantees that he will never pose, showing photos of spouses like those you have seen in various magazines, well, there is something that does not square.

      I do not speak of the close-up as you exchange a kiss continually incited by friends, of course. I’m talking about those couple photos in which the couple seem caught in moments of intimacy completely alone and isolated from the rest of the party.

      Believe me, it will never happen that during the day the guests leave you alone to cooing like two sweethearts.

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      But what is the difference between posing photos and posed service?

      The difference is abysmal, and the choice of one or the other kind depends on the tastes, and must be carefully considered when choosing the photographer for the wedding.

      A posed photo shoot is like a session of studio shots. The photographer will continuously tell you what to do, how to do it, where to look, where to hold your hands … You will be treated like real models, in which nothing will be left to chance, and every little detail will be guided by the photographer.

      For someone this kind of service is absolutely unnatural, because everything is left to the creativity of the photographer, who also becomes your director.

      The posing photos, well, are quite another thing. The photographer will always be there to guide you, but just to tell you what position to take to enjoy a better light or the choice of the background to make the most of the location chosen by you for the wedding.

      But then everything else must happen naturally. The way you look, kiss, touch, or hold hands, must be your way. The way you habitually do it yourself, and not that of the photographer. Although perhaps photographically will not comply with certain standards of perfection, it does not matter.

      Those images will talk about you.

      It is understood that this session, in order not to be boring, must last a maximum of twenty minutes. You have to spend your wedding party with your guests, and not with me!

      Here, this is my concept of reportage photography. A couple service in which the photographer takes back what happens in a natural way, without ever intruding.

      This is the kind of photography I love to do.

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