Print your photos in an elegant artisan passpartout


      The wedding album is definitely the most popular choice by the couple to preserve the wedding photos.

      Maybe you would like to complete it with something that can always be in sight, or maybe you are looking for a gift idea for witnesses, parents or loved ones. So why not keep the memories of your wedding in an elegant passpartout made entirely by hand. A photo frame where your images will be printed on fine matte, metallized paper or Velvet fineart according to your tastes.

      Each passpartout is made of high quality white or black cardboard. The accuracy of its processing is confirmed by the internal oblique cut, which gives depth and quality to the frame. The wooden base will allow exposure on a shelf, allowing you to continually relive the memories and emotions of your marriage.

      Everything will be kept in an elegant box set with precious graphics that will enhance the content.

      The combination with your album, the personalized USB pendrive, and eventually the copy of the album for parents and witnesses, will create a coordinate of absolute value and elegance.

      You will amaze the people you love, with this very elegant and original gift idea.

      informazioni per servizio fotografico matrimonio bonarrigo francesco


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