One day at the Lake of the 7 Fountains


      In a few days there will be the Baptism of the little Matilde, so Gloria and Alessandro have decided to give themselves a photo shoot at the Lake of the 7 fountains in Castelletto di Leno, making a surprise to the godparents of the child.

      This was one of my first couples that I photographed. Thanks to their spontaneity, a beautiful relationship was established, which resulted in a sincere friendship.

      When they called me to propose the shots to the little Matilde, for the baptism, I was very enthusiastic. Their idea was to create a service that was absolutely natural, taking up the scenes of a normal day spent in the enchanting setting of the Lago delle Sette Fontane park.

      Vittoria has given herself a ride on horseback by Juliet, her favorite pony. The little Matilde took advantage, instead, of fresh to have attentions of the mother all for themselves, sucking a little ‘milk.

      The day was really pleasant and passed very quickly. It was a lot of fun to shoot trying not to be noticed by the godfathers, unaware that I was there for them.

      Valuable to realize, using photos of this service, souvenir cards for loved ones, and an elegant photo book for godparents.



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