Photography, for me


      My entry into the world of photography is quite unusual, compared to the stories that are read in the biographies of other photographers.

      I could say that it was not me who was looking for photography, but it was photography that found me.

      I’m not a child of art, so I did not live my childhood between development fluids, films and SLRs. Nor have I ever shown talent for any type of art, as the professors who tried to give rise to interest in this type of activity could testify. Moreover, the family camera was never entrusted to me, because I was always considered too small to handle such a precious object.



      I’ve never been attracted to it, so it did not bother me. Certainly I was more excited by the triumphal entry of my father who was holding the envelope with the photos printed by the photographer.
      Then we gathered around the table, passing the photos from hand to hand, commenting on that funny expression, or that happy moment, a hairstyle disheveled by a gust of wind, or that dress that we did not like it was there.
      Here, of the photograph I liked the taste of the memory that was relived, with all its nuances; but the idea of taking a picture had never even touched me.

      But, as I said, photography has found me.

      It happened when my first son Davide was born, in 2003,  and I decided to buy my first SLR: a Canon EOS 300V.
      I did not know it yet, but that precious little package I held with pride in my hands would have upset my life.


      So I started working for a while in the field of fashion and advertising, but I felt that I was missing something, even if I could not perceive what it was, until I photographed my first marriage. Then I understood.

      Everything is perfect on the set: the model, the make-up, the clothing, the location, the lights. Everything is meticulously prepared to convey the message that has been commissioned, and therefore every shot is the result of an accurate direction, which plans every minute detail minutely. I do not denigrate this kind of photography, indeed, far from it. It allowed me to learn how to manage and exploit light in an optimal way, and to relate to others.

      But I lacked the emotions.

      Weddings are quite another thing. They are full of real life, lived in real time, without any script.
      In a marriage there are real emotions, tears, tension. A beautiful sunny day can happen, as well as a rainy one. There may be the rumpled dress, or the trick cast, a secluded mother nursing her baby, a bride who greets you with curlers and a robe, but none of this is out of place, because it is part of you.



      There is life in a wedding.

      No forced, rigid and unnatural poses, where every movement is guided by the photographer, or the much-discounted group photos with guests plastered in the discomfort of a built pose. Photography must revive lived moments, emotions and feelings. It must tell of hugs, tears, smiles, love, human relationships. Photography, for me, must tell your story, the mutual affection you feel with the people who have reached you to celebrate your wedding, love in a fleeting glance read almost by accident, when you thought you were not seen.

      This sensitivity is acquired by living your own emotions with you, because to transmit an emotion, you must first live it.
      You will see me cry during promises, be crazy or laugh and joke with your friends. You will see my eyes shining, when I come to greet you before leaving leave. But they will all be emotions that I will really live with you, and which I will keep in my heart forever.

      If my teachers saw the man I had become, they would hardly recognize me. I am passionate about art, especially painting, which I study to try to assimilate the sensibility of the artists who basically, let’s face it, have invented photography.

      Your marriage will no longer be a past event, which you will remember in flashes with nostalgia, but you will always be able to relive it when you want, as it were today.

      I want everyone to get together with their loved ones around a table, look at the pictures, and be able to relive those moments, savoring the taste of emotions so intense in reliving them.

      Photography, for me, is love for what I am,
      love for what I do,
      love for who I do it.


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