Handcrafted photo album made in Italy


      My beautiful partnership with Album Epoca

      The album for wedding photos is very precious, because it preserves the photo shoot of an important day. It represents the coffer that will preserve all the memories and emotions of your wedding, to relive them whenever you want.
      This is why I started a partnership with Album Epoca, world leader in the professional printing sector. He creates albums for photos and photo books, taking care of the design, materials and finishes in a maniacal way. Thanks to a craft process, produces albums of the highest quality, lasting over time, but specially beautiful and precious.

      Album Epoca album per foto artigianali per i genitori
      A wonderful gift idea: the album for parents


      Vari formati di album per foto artigianali, per una gradita idea regalo ai testimoni, gli ospiti e gli amici
      Various formats of albums, for a welcome gift idea to witnesses, guests and friends

      It will be exciting to be able to personalize your wedding album choosing finishes and details, materials, type of paper and accessories, which will make it unique.

      The hot binding, completely handmade, involves the insertion of a special core within the individual pages. The passage in the oven without using vinyl glues, then, ensures a more robust page, and greater durability.

      album per foto artigianali di matrimonio made in italyalbum per foto di nozze realizzati artigianalmente a mano in italia

      Believe me, your photos in hard disk memories, smartphones and USB sticks are not safe. There is a risk that for a breakdown, a damaged support or for the evolution of technology, sooner or later they will no longer be usable.
      Do not forget that if we have memories of our grandparents and parents, it is thanks to the fact that once you had to print the photos. This is why future generations risk being deprived of it.

      Who had entrusted their memories to the old VHS, for example, today probably has relegated them in some drawer to make dust. Each printed photo, instead, is destined to last over time. It is always nice to browse through your wedding book in the company of  those you love, remembering anecdotes of that day, awakened by the flow of images.

      Obviously on an album will not be printed all the photos of the wedding, then I will deliver on a crystal USB flash drive all the other photos, which you can decide to print at a later time.



      In a few simple steps, you can choose the cover based on the materials you prefer, the number of pages, the packaging and all the details you want to customize it according to your tastes.

      Do not forget that if you need help, I will be at your disposal to advise you and help you.

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