Silvia and Davide


      By now I am used to the tension that precedes every marriage, but for the marriage of Silvia and Davide, I had really exceeded my previous record; certainly it will have influenced the fact that a colleague had asked me to support him and I did not want to disappoint him, but my great concern was because I had never talked before with the couple, and this is a very unusual thing for me.

      My agitation vanished as soon as I met them, because I realized that they completely trusted me, and their attention was focused solely on their love and their party.

      After the ceremony in the lovely church of S. Maria in Veggiano, we took advantage of the hot summer day, made pleasant by a gentle breeze that caressed us, to make some shots in the surrounding countryside, to which Silvia is particularly linked because they were the theater of the his childhood.

      For the reception we went to the  “Le Vescovane”, a beautiful farmhouse, surrounded by the green Berici hills about 300 meters above the sea, where you could enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire valley.

      I thank my colleague Emanuele Scicolone, a dear friend and a great professional, for having wanted me as a collaborator in this marriage.


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