Wedding at Villa Fenaroli


Daniela and Diego are a beautiful couple, able to completely envelop you with their sympathy and their emotions.

Emotions that overwhelmed me and moved me very much, like the touching tears of Diego while Daniela tried to reassure him by filling him with his kisses and hugs.

A love that you can really breathe, even just observing them, while their hands and their eyes never stop looking for eachothers.

This will be one of those weddings that will always remain in my heart, always managing to let me get a few tears of emotion, like the ones that came down to me during their touching ceremony.

For the couple shots, we chose the Nocivelli Park in Verolanuova, which is really a charm, with its pond surrounded by beautiful bushes full of berries and tall trees among which are lost beautiful flowery paths.

In the evening, we also took advantage of some of the rooms of the Villa for some romantic shots that the couple have lent themselves almost regardless of the rain that had surprised us.


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