Sonia and Stefano


      Have you never met those people who fit perfectly each other, and that even if you do not know that they are a couple, immediately they give you the impression of being just made for each other? Here, this was just my feeling when I first met Sonia and Stefano.

      Stefano, always cheerful, nice, with this size that could instill fear in those who do not know him, but always courteous and direct; Sonia, very sweet with that reassuring smile, the calm voice and her refined class, met each other thanks to the great passion they have in common: music.

      Their enthralling desire to live was the theme of the whole day of their wedding, with fun gags from the guests, all sharing the same love for life, and their joy.

      After the enthralling ceremony in the Parish Church of Calcinatello, we fell into the fifteenth-century atmosphere of Villa Corte Peron, immersed in the Mantuan countryside, for the reception, where we took advantage of the romantic pond and the charming location, with the hall embellished by the splendid colonnade and the vaulted stone ceiling, to make even the couple shots.


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