Laura and Giampietro


      I had already got to know Laura and Giampietro during their pre-wedding photo shoot at the Castle of Brescia, and then I already had an idea of ​​their sympathy concealed by an apparently introvert and reserved character, but it was during their marriage that they are completely open, showing themselves as the wonderful people they actually are.

      He originally from Cremona and she from Varese, have chosen to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful church of S. Maria dell’Annunciata that stands alone on a beautiful hill surrounded by greenery near the village of Brunello, south of Varese, and it contrasts with the imposing figure of Monte Rosa.

      The festivities then continued, after a very intimate and intense ceremony, first on the small churchyard, and then in the splendid setting of the Palace Hotel Restaurant in Varese where even the bad weather for the snow has minimally affected the joy and the desire to have fun of that beautiful company.

      The simplicity and spontaneity of these beautiful people literally stole my heart, so much so that it was really very difficult to say hello to get back home.


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