Laura and Michele


      For months, Laura and Michele had expressed the desire to have me as a photographer for their wedding, after seeing some of my shots on Facebook; and already when I met them in person at the wedding of two of their friends, I had the sensation that I already had a wonderful feeling with this couple.

      Therefore, at their wedding, we felt immediately at ease, and the day was really very pleasant.
      Laura has fulfilled her desire to have a wedding with green Tiffany decorations, in love with this color, which highlight the taste for simplicity and elegance.

      The ceremony was celebrated in the church of Milzano by Don Claudio, who with his very jovial but direct language, has repeatedly provoked the laughter of the audience, being able to still be very incisive in the message he wanted to convey.

      The reception took place in the beautiful castle of Torre de ‘Picenardi, not far from Cremona, where we also made some shots of the couple, taking advantage of the many ideas that this magnificent place offers, thanks to the fact that the owners have left it to our total availability.

      I was amazed by the centerpieces on the tables at the restaurant: on those of the guests of Laura, a nurse, were dominated by pretty skeletons dressed as brides, while on those of Michele’s guests, soccer player, there were ceramic soccer balls.


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