Isabella and Mattia


      Already in the morning dark clouds announced that it would be a wedding in the rain that of Isabella and Mattia. But nothing could presage the emotions we would have experienced during this marriage, even though I had already had experience with that of his sister Annalisa.

      This is one of those marriages destined to remain in the heart. Initially the concerns for the rain, then smiles and emotion when the couple met. Finally the great joy during the party at the reception.

      There were moments of strong emotion, such as the meeting of Isabella and Mattia in the church square, where they talked for a few minutes holding each other’s face in his hands, regardless of the rain now. Or when Isabella moved her parents by appearing in the hall wearing her mother’s wedding dress, to celebrate their wedding anniversary, which occurred that day.

      Families united and with a great wealth of spirit. This is their secret of eternal happiness.

      What to say. I was moved, and the beauty of a wedding in the rain is the fact that at some point, the tears are confused with drops of water.



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