Maria and Francesco


      Every wedding is characterized by its own colors and perfumes. The wedding of Maria and Francesco in the Borgo la Caccia, smells of summer and the pleasant fragrance of must emanated from oak barrels. But it also smells of deep feelings, united and numerous families and human relationships lived very intensely.

      Their great religious faith shines through their every gesture, their every attitude. It is fantastic as everything around them, seems to follow them and wrap them in a very sweet embrace. The embrace of God.

      The day was very hot, probably one of the hottest in 2017, but the complicity of the joy of the couple and their guests, has made it flow very pleasantly.

      The Borgo la Caccia estate is a splendid and elegant oasis with an ancient flavor, surrounded by the luxuriant vineyards lying between the Morainic Hills near the Garda lake.

      After the aperitif enjoyed in the cellar, we moved to the lovely courtyard to taste the appetizers and then be directed to the elegant reception room, which thanks to its elevated position, allowed us to enjoy the beautiful view of the estate and its vineyards.

      For the couple shots, I wanted to naturally take advantage of the vineyards, but above all the warm atmosphere of the exposed bricks of the structure, the characteristic rooms furnished and illuminated with great taste and class, and of course the beautiful cellar. The couple had a lot of fun, to the point of not caring more about the tiredness and the great heat.

      As you could guess, this marriage in Borgo la Caccia really touched me a lot.

      I wish you so much happiness, Maria and Francesco.


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