Gloria and Francesco


      These spouses, great fans of everything that concerns the States, wanted to live this day just inspired by the American lifestyle, as you can already guess from the dress of the bride in pin-up style, the splendid Chevrolet of ’56 chosen as wedding car, decorations and details with references to the US, and the carefree and festive atmosphere in which we were immersed. I am in love with this wedding, its colors, its joy, the two protagonists Gloria and Francesco, the their guests, but above all the wealth of emotions that has overwhelmed me.

      There were particularly funny moments, such as the surprise of the couple’s daughters dressed as Elvis Presley and the other as Uncle Sam, but also very romantic and exciting moments, dropped in the evocative atmosphere of the par, where you can surprise a hare that runs through the bushes or a black heron that rises majestically in the sky.

      After the aperitif, served in the middle of the forest smelling of berries and flowers, crossing the secret garden hidden within the walls of an ancient chapel among simple aromas of marjoram, chives and thyme, we moved to the garden of cloisters, in which lights and colors have framed the cheerful banquet and dances that lasted until late at night, accompanied by the song of crickets.

      I could write for hours talking about this marriage, but I let the images talk.


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