Alice and Alessio


      Where were we staying after their pre-wedding photoshoot? Oh yes.
      Once upon a time there was a beautiful couple of lovers … Is not this how the fables usually start?
      In this case, however, this form is not good. It seems that the story is over, while it is only at the beginning.
      The wedding was precisely the exact continuation of the engagement, given that the couple chose as their location the Castle of S. Lorenzo in Torre de ‘Picenardi, near Cremona, but with much more intense emotions.
      I must say that already at our first meeting, I was impressed by the sweetness of this beautiful couple. But I still did not imagine the vortex of emotions that would overwhelm me.

      I saw them cry … and I cried with them. I saw them laughing, and I laughed with them!

      Since the preparations, and then continuing with the ceremony in the Basilica of Pralboino, moments full of emotion, intertwined with others of genuine euphoria.
      During the festivities at the castle, thanks to the participation of the guests and the magnificent location of the IX century immersed in a park of 50,000 square meters of trees, the joy has been the master.

      As I headed for the car, I heard the shouts and the songs coming from the castle, which looked as if they did not want to end so soon, despite the rain, which evidently could not stop the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun.

      At that moment, I thought it was just a beautiful story, whose ending could only be:

      … and they lived forever, happy and happy.


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