Silvia and Luca


      This was my first marriage at Castelvecchio, an ancient fortified resistance of the 15th century. It still preserves all the rural charm of a bygone era, with the beautiful rooms enriched by the splendid faces of bricks, supported by columns in Botticino’s hammered marble, and the beautiful portico that frames the beautiful courtyard where an elegant pool stands out.

      In this romantic atmosphere, Luca and Silvia celebrated their wedding. They are a special couple, of those destined to leave their mark in the heart, and I was struck by the way in which their looks continued to look for, greedy for kisses and caresses.

      The touch of class of my great friend and now trusted collaborator Claudio Zani, who took care of the floral decorations and the organization of the event, has helped to make even more special a day already magnificent in itself.

      And there were surprises, with the launch of the groom in the pool. I have to admit that because it was very hot, I envied him so much!

      In short, a day that I will never forget. Two spouses, I will never forget.



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