Cristina and Giovanni


      Cristina and Giovanni are one of those couples who leave their mark, and to whom it is impossible not to become attached. They gave me their great joy of life since our first meeting, with their carefree always framed by engaging smiles.

      The ceremony took place in the beautiful 15th century Abbey of Rodengo Saiano, the residence of the Olivetan monks who contribute to making it relive the atmosphere of peace and spirituality according to the rules of hospitality of the Benedictine Order.

      For the celebrations we instead moved among the vineyards of Franciacorta of the cellars “Le Cantorie”. This magnificent complex stands perched at the height of a breathtaking climb on the hill of Casaglio in the territory of Gussago in Franciacorta, and allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view.

      While the guests were guided by the owners of the location for a visit to the cellars, I took the opportunity to realize the couple shots between the vineyards and the atmospheres of the structure with its dry-stone walls of limestone.

      The cutting of the cake, however, was done on the lawn that overlooked the breathtaking landscape with its terraces that rise steeply on the hill slopes, and that was caressed by a suggestive sunset.

      The day was very pleasant, dominated by the sobriety, the cheerfulness and elegance that characterizes this married couple, who during the photos in the meadow with friends, asked the owners of the location to activate the irrigation system!


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