wedding at palazzo monti della pieve Wedding at Palazzo Monti della Pieve September 9, 2018 / weddings With this photoshoot of the wedding at Palazzo Monti della Pieve, I want to tell about the wonderful day spent with Sara and Angelo and their magnificent guests. These two wonderful spouses, in addit... LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio a corte cola con ombrello e la pioggia - wedding in the rain Wedding at Corte Cola August 31, 2018 / weddings Already in the morning dark clouds announced that it would be a wedding in the rain that of Isabella and Mattia. But nothing could presage the emotions we would have experienced during this marriage, ... LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio civile emozionante a Corte Francesco emotional civil wedding Civil marriage at Corte Francesco July 14, 2018 / weddings On the fact that this of Roberta and Gianpietro was an emotional civil wedding, there are no doubts. But I did not imagine that it would have involved me so much. The great mutual love, but especiall... LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio romantico a villa san Michele Cremona romantic wedding at villa s.michele Matrimonio at Villa S.Michele June 23, 2018 / weddings Alessandra and Riccardo were able to live their romantic wedding at Villa S.Michele, thanks to a beautiful summer day and a very joyful company of guests. Here, in the heart of the Lombardy countrysid... LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio romantico a corte cola romantic wedding Romantic Wedding at Corte Cola May 26, 2018 / weddings A romantic wedding, like this of Francesca and Danilo, is already in itself very emotional. But with these two spouses it was really special because with both I have a very special bond. Danilo, in fa... LEGGI TUTTO Wedding in Borgo la Caccia August 20, 2017 / weddings Every wedding is characterized by its own colors and perfumes. The wedding of Maria and Francesco in the Borgo la Caccia, smells of summer and the pleasant fragrance of must emanated from oak barrels. But it also smells of deep feelings, united and numerous families and human relationships lived very intensely. LEGGI TUTTO wedding in franciacorta Wedding in Franciacorta June 24, 2017 / weddings Since our first meeting, I realized that Veronica and Mirko were two special people. Their genuineness, the ability to always give a smile to anyone, together with their fantastic children, have won m... LEGGI TUTTO scatti di coppia al matrimonio al castello di san lorenzo Wedding at the Castle of San Lorenzo September 17, 2016 / weddings Once upon a time there was a beautiful couple of lovers ... Is not this how the fables usually start? In this case, however, this form is not good. It seems that the story is over, while it is only at the beginning. LEGGI TUTTO scatti di coppia cantina matrimonio villa baiana franciacorta Wedding at Villa Baiana in Franciacorta September 4, 2016 / weddings I still remember the first time I met Laura and Massimo. She was very sweet and seemed almost intimidated, while he, very sure of herself, reassured her by constantly holding her hand. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio la cavallina lontano foto di coppia Wedding in Lonato del Garda June 18, 2016 / weddings Katia and Roberto are two lovers who thrill you with their great inner richness, who share with everyone who approaches them and is willing to enter their beautiful world, of which I know I am part of it now. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio a corte francesco foto di coppia Wedding at Corte Francesco May 7, 2016 / weddings Emanuela and Roberto managed to excite me, with their great joy and the great love for their little Aurora, a girl with beautiful curls that frame a little face from the sly air in which they are set two lively eyes and a mouth always smiling , and in front of which Emanuela continually melted in tears of love. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio corte peron marmirolo foto di coppia Wedding at Villa Corte Peron August 1, 2015 / weddings Have you never met those people who fit perfectly each other, and that even if you do not know that they are a couple, immediately they give you the impression of being just made for each other? Here, this was just my feeling when I first met Sonia and Stefano. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding at Castle of S.Lorenzo June 22, 2015 / weddings For months, Laura and Michele had expressed the desire to have me as a photographer for their wedding, after seeing some of my shots on Facebook; and already when I met them in person at the wedding of two of their friends, I had the sensation that I already had a wonderful feeling with this couple. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding in Villa Mazzucchelli June 6, 2015 / weddings Sara e Tiziano sono veramente bellissimi, e la loro sensibilità mi ha proprio emozionato parecchio; la dolcezza e la tranquillità di Sara si contrappongono all’esuberanza quasi spensierata di Tiziano. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio a corte francesco foto di coppia Wedding at Corte Francesco May 16, 2015 / weddings Since our pre-wedding photo shoot in Venice, I realized that a beautiful harmony between us would be born, but I would never have thought that I would have loved it so much; and I still seem to hear the laughter of Noemi, who has never stopped smiling and embrace Claudio. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio ai sabidi foto di coppia wedding photo Wedding at “I Sabidi” May 9, 2015 / weddings She, with her sweet face, always smiling; he, shy and reserved, with a big heart and his sympathy, can make to perceive the love they feel with such delicacy that it requires us to enter their life on tiptoe. For me it is impossible to review the photos of Cristina and Matteo, without holding back a few tears, remembering the beautiful day spent together. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding at “I Boschetti” October 4, 2014 / weddings Well, one thing is certain: Marica and Germellino's wedding has put a strain on my facial muscles, since there was not a single moment when I stopped laughing. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding at Villa Fenaroli September 19, 2014 / weddings Daniela and Diego are a beautiful couple, able to completely envelop you with their sympathy and their emotions. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding at the Convent of the Annunciation July 11, 2014 / weddings These spouses, in fact, great fans of everything that concerns the States, wanted to live this day just inspired by the American lifestyle. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio a villa calciati foto di coppia Wedding at Villa Calciati July 5, 2014 / weddings The marriage at Villa Calciati of Laura and Alessandro enhances their love for details and simple things, but also the genuine passion for human relationships, as evidenced by the great friendship that binds us now. LEGGI TUTTO
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