matrimonio ristorante pio ix franciacorta Wedding in Franciacorta October 14, 2017 / weddings You never get used to beautiful people, but with Annalisa and Toni you even risk becoming addicted. Here is the story of their beautiful wedding in Franciacorta. LEGGI TUTTO Wedding in Borgo la Caccia August 20, 2017 / weddings Every wedding is characterized by its own colors and perfumes. The wedding of Maria and Francesco in the Borgo la Caccia, smells of summer and the pleasant fragrance of must emanated from oak barrels. But it also smells of deep feelings, united and numerous families and human relationships lived very intensely. LEGGI TUTTO wedding cathedral montichiari e ricevimento al ristorante villa valenca Wedding at Villa Valenca July 7, 2017 / weddings I would never have imagined that I would be so moved during the wedding celebration at the Montichiari cathedral. Nicoletta and Matteo, in fact, are one of those couples who have with their sympathy, but who live their emotions with such intensity to be able to involve me from the early stages of the preparations. LEGGI TUTTO wedding in franciacorta Wedding in Franciacorta June 24, 2017 / weddings Since our first meeting, I realized that Veronica and Mirko were two special people. Their genuineness, the ability to always give a smile to anyone, together with their fantastic children, have won m... LEGGI TUTTO scatti di coppia cantina matrimonio villa baiana franciacorta Wedding at Villa Baiana in Franciacorta September 4, 2016 / weddings I still remember the first time I met Laura and Massimo. She was very sweet and seemed almost intimidated, while he, very sure of herself, reassured her by constantly holding her hand. LEGGI TUTTO matrimonio villa valenca foto di coppia wedding photo Wedding at Villa Valenca in Franciacorta October 4, 2015 / weddings It is impossible for me to talk about Annalisa and Marco, and not feeling a strong emotion, because they are the kind of people who enter my life leaving a very deep mark. LEGGI TUTTO
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