The Memory Box


      The Memory Box is a customized tin box. A jewelry box, which contains all those precious memories of your wedding that can not be told with a photograph.

      Moments full of emotions, which relive in those precious objects for you, because they recall intense moments and people dear to you.

      This box will contain some particularly evocative wedding photos, which will be strictly printed on the fineart velvet photo paper. But it could also contain the most exciting wedding cards, the ribbon you had in your hair that day, the pride of the groom, the bag of your confetti, the USB flash drive or the booklets of the celebration.


      In addition to reliving the most beautiful moments of your wedding browsing the wedding album, you will have the opportunity to preserve memories that will make you feel even more alive the same emotions.

      The Memory Box could be a gift idea for parents, witnesses or people you care about. You could insert the items that are representative for you, while they will complete the content with those that bind them to you.

      And if it were instead given to the spouses by friends or family? It would be a nice way to make them understand that they are important and want to always be alive in their memories.

      In short, the Memory Box is an original way to preserve the memories of the wedding and of the people you love.

      Imagine the excitement of re-opening this box, maybe in a few years, and rediscovering things capable of awakening emotions and intense moments. The photos of that holiday together, that flower caught to amaze you, a letter, a gift that will still excite you.

      You will be amazed to find out what others have put there. You will find that there are things that you did not give too much weight, but that for others represent a very strong bond with you.

      In short, the possibilities are endless, because there is no limit to emotions.

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