Your photos stored in an elegant crystal USB flash drive


      To all my spouses I deliver an elegant personalized USB crystal flash drive, containing all the beautiful images of the wedding.

      It would be nice to be able to print an album with all the pictures taken that day, but it would be a huge volume.

      I prefer, therefore, select with you the images that will be printed, and pay homage to all the remaining photos of the wedding, in high resolution carefully edited and postproduced.

      Initially I was delivering a DVD or BlueRay disc, with printed or laser engraved image of the matrimony, but times change, and fortunately technology evolves.

      Nowadays manufacturers tend to no longer provide optical readers in computers. Even in homes, old DVD players are now supplanted by set top boxes for streaming viewing. Moreover, the deterioration of the optical supports, which being easily re-rigged, can become illegible.

      MY CHOICE: a customized usb crystal flash drive

      I decided to replace the old disks with USB pendrive. Not a flash drive whatsoever. To preserve your images I wanted a support that was adequate. Functional but at the same time elegant, as precious as its content.

      I chose a USB crystal flash drive, created in collaboration with Album Epoca, personalized with your names. A gift that represents something pure, elegant but at the same time as simple as your love.

      This tribute to all my married couples, will be the right complement to such a special day, in which I will do everything to make you feel important.

      No technological support, unfortunately, is immune to time and evolution, so there is a risk that in a few years USB pen drives will be unusable, as happened for the old serial PC interfaces of the 80s, or VHS.

      For this reason, I always advise my couples not to consider the USB crystal flash drive as a substitute for the album, but a complement to it. To date, the only support that has allowed us to relive past memories that have survived the heavy passage of time, is the press. So print your photos, it is also a duty towards those you love.

      I spoke in one of my articles about the various printing solutions I have adopted.

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